Professional estimating services for building and construction projects.

This set of offers is dedicated to improve the image of the construction industry by giving our clients the support they need to successfully accomplish their project. We are working hard to deeply understand the construction process in order to eliminate and avoid potential problems during the process. With our assistance it is easier than ever to understand scheduling, optimise the use of time, and take control of costs.

Estimating Services

Understanding the cost behind your project is one of the biggest and most important factor leading to your project success. Having precise and transparent understanding of your materials and laborer cost will help you to run your project in much more effective and efficient way to achieve best possible results and standards.

Extension Estimating

We will produce the quoation for any type of house extension includin double storey extensions. As we all know the cheapest is not always the best. Knowing true price will help you to save money as well as avoid potential conflicts. The right budget is the key to your project success.

Conversion Estimating

We will estimate any type of conversion work from start to finish. Construction projects can consume a lot of time, money and energy if not executed correctly. A small error in building work could end up costing you a lot of money and lead to frustration. Most of the time, all this could be avoided by following construction guidelines.

Basement Estimating

Estimating basement excavation could be not an easy task. We will can calculate cost, volume and materials for your project. A Successful project is simply great planning and solid execution. By having proper documentation and understanding your overall project you will be able to gain control and have a peace of mind.

Refurbishment Estimating

Internal finishing plumbing and electrical work, all could be delivered to you in our professional estimate The right balance is key factor to the successful budgeting. Understanding the cost structure and pricing will give you control over your project and help you minimize the risk.

New Build Estimating​

For all new build estimating needs we will produce detailed quotation with materials and labour pricing. As we all know the cheapest is not always the best. Knowing true price will help you to save money as well as avoid potential conflicts. The right budget is the key to your project success.

Project Planning​ Services

Planning activities on time is the number one principle of a successful project management strategy. In order to meet your milestones, it is necessary to have a structured plan along with all the necessary resources in place. Looking ahead and working to a plan will prevent many problems and will give you enough flexibility to implement changes.

Materials and Labouer Cost

Our reports will deliver materials and labouer cost for any construction project. Without the plan there is no solid foundation to work. In order to meet milestones and deadlines you must avoid making do and work with the plan towards strictly specified goals.

Extension Single Storey £142 7 Days
Extension Double Storey £157 7 Days
Loft Conversion £142 7 Days
Basement Conversion £142 7 Days
Refurbishment up to 3 Bed £157 7 Days
Refurbishment 4 – 6 Bed £179 7 Days
External Renovation £87 7 Days
New Build up to 3 Bed £147 7 Days
New Build 4 – 6 Bed £179 7 Days
Custom Estimate From £250 Contact Us
2 Days Get your estimate within 2 working days £20
Next Day Get your estimate next working day £35
Same Day Get your estimate same day (must be ordered before 1pm) £50


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